Taking Flight

Don’t make ANY plans for Sunday the 17th. You’re very busy that day,” said the text from Alex a week prior to our anniversary.  This was surprising because Alex is not a planner (unlike me), but to my delight he had planned something, AND it was to be a surprise.

“Casual.  Dress for a lot of walking. No cute shoes,” he responded to my inquiry (and sleuthing) of what to wear.  NO CUTE SHOES?!?!  This had better be good.

So early Sunday morning, we awoke, and I begrudgingly put on my tennis shoes (and stowed my cute flip flops in my bag as a backup plan).  20 minutes later, we arrived at our destination- the heliport. 15 Minutes to Catalina, and somewhere between Long Beach and the Island you convince yourself that you are a celebrity.  So me and my now famous beau arrive in style at 8:15 am after the smoothest trip to the Island I’ve ever had.

The morning is yours, but we have to be somewhere at 10:30, he told me.  So off we went to have breakfast in a cute little diner, which was quite popular with the locals.  I had the Crab Benedict (a sea side version of my ultimate breakfast) and he had pancakes and eggs.

After breakfast, we strolled over to Descaso bay, and this was the second surprise of the day. We were going zip lining. (Did I mention I’m afraid of heights?) But always one for a challenge, I put that in the back of my mind.  Up on the first platform, on top of the hill overlooking the canyon 300 feet below, strapped onto a thin wire, I took a leap (of faith) into the air and went flying over the eucalyptus trees and mule dear below.  Removing one had from my guide wire, I twisted (uncontrollably) to see Avalon’s bay zipping past me.  At the end of the line, I did as I was told and bent my knees in preparation for landing. The brake engaged and I went flying upward as physics battled mechanics. Next thing I know, I’m standing on the next platform, ready to zip again.  What a thrill.

This was the day I (we) took flight and soared. Mind, body and soul.  What a great surprise.  💝

Oh yeah, and the flip flops came in handy too.





9 thoughts on “Taking Flight

  1. What a wonderful day! I AM impressed, Alex! It looks like it wasn’t that crowded, too! Fun pics of the island! I want to go! Glad you had en eventful Anniversary! Happiness to you both!


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