On India

img_0225For those that have been following my Instagram posts, or read my September Shareable Moments, you would have noticed that I was in India for the last week of September. My Company, which has a large office in India, was generous enough to include me in a visit by our regional leadership team. I had mixed emotions about heading so far away from home to a truly foreign location on my own. Well, on my own with 50 other work colleagues. I was scared, excited, skeptical, optimistic, and curious. When I left, my fears were calmed, and my skepticism reduced.  Overall, it was a very positive experience and I am so grateful I was able to go. Continue reading

Plantation Inspiration

Floral Park loves our cocktail nights.  You tell my neighbors there’s going to be cocktails and they come out in droves.  Our most recent cocktail night was done in connection with our Garden Swap, and this one was themed Garden Cocktails on the Plantation.  Sue & Ashley hosted a “spirit-ed” evening in their beautiful backyard and invited our neighborly mixologists to create cocktails inspired by their own gardens. Continue reading

Pizza Night

Before the Crust Off, there was Pizza Night. A night for all friends to get together, and break bread over communally sourced toppings. The instructions are simple, the hosts supply the crust and the heat, you BYOB (beverage) and BYOT (topping).

img_3404This night, I wanted to bring some unique toppings. Fortunately, I had just visited a pizza restaurant and had the most amazing pizza. Wait for it… Continue reading