“Is there more rice?”

“Is there more rice?”  No matter what wonderful food accompanies steamed rice, this is precisely the question I get each and every time I serve my husband steamed white rice.  Something so simple, and yet he always wants more.  It’s enough to drive me crazy given the work that went into the other elements of dinner, but at least I know he’s enjoying his dinner.

For a recent Asian inspired dinner, Continue reading


Why didn’t I think of that?

Alex and I recently tried out a new restaurant in Tustin, Centro. They make really good, simple food, with fresh ingredients. Most of the menu is focused around a beautiful tile mosaic covered wood burning stove. Bonus: It’s a winery/brewery tasting room too!

IMG_3011They have plenty of great pizza’s on the menu, but my favorite dish was actually the bruschetta. This is what caused me to say: “Why didn’t I think of that?” Continue reading

I 🍆🍅🍑 California

I’ve been known to plan my Europe trips around the markets, and SoCal weekends are no different.  We are so lucky to live in a place that has access to such wonderful, fresh, and diverse produce.  Last weekend, Alex and I visited one of my favorite farmer’s markets – the Seal Beach Farmer’s market.  It’s right on the harbor, so you get a nice view and a cool breeze all year round.  It also has a craft fair right next to it.  #Heaven!

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Seahawks, Patriots, Katy Perry, and Edamame

We have a friend that goes to the Super Bowl every year. Which leaves her home with the pool and outdoor TV vacant for the weekend. In another “other people’s houses” moment, the residents’ dog sitter set up a viewing party for the folks who didn’t make the trek to Phoenix. I’m told it was a great game. We did get real time updates from Phoenix, sort of like our own personal Twitter feed. I’ll be honest, though… I’m just there for the commercials and food. Continue reading


There are some of our neighbors whose families live far away, and so they host a Friendsgiving. The host supplies the turkey, the attendees bring the sides. We weren’t going because we were having family over.  However, as I was preparing for my own family Thanksgiving, I saw a series of cryptic texts come across my phone. No words, just pictures. Photo instructions for the most delicious cashews that you have ever had. Very similar to the series you see below. The next thing I knew, W&M were knocking on my door Continue reading

The Fish House

Last year, while teaching a class in Monterey, I yelped restaurants around my hotel, and it directed me to the very highly rated Monterey’s Fish House. I arrived and there was a line out the door waiting to get in. Each of the parties wanted a table, but being by myself, I opted for a seat at the bar and squeezed my way into this small neighborhood restaurant. This is a little cottage, turned bustling restaurant, where they pour generous glasses of wine and serve simple fresh food, much of it wood grilled. Continue reading