Veggie Roll

Saturday AM Text from Floral Park Garden Swap COO:

  • What if we started “Garden Swap Delivery.” We load up our bikes with produce, drive around the neighborhood, ring a garden swap regular’s doorbell, and give them produce.”

Sounded good to me.  Next thing I know, Veggies on Wheels is at my doorstep asking me what I’d like from her garden.  I chose some zucchini, cucumbers and a couple eggs.  I offered some yellow cherry tomatoes and some kale, and off she went to the next neighbor.  Where will the produce end up?  What will people make with it?  So many options.  Here’s a couple garden inspired recipes you might consider, should Veggies on Wheels stop by your place:

How to be Neighborly: Spread healthiness.


4 thoughts on “Veggie Roll

  1. LOL! Thanks, Summer! I started the ride with 19 zucchini, 11 cucumbers, 8 eggs, some sage and mint from my garden. Along the way, I picked up your yellow tomatoes and kale; more cucumbers, red tomatoes, chives, tarragon, dill, basil, more kale. After 7 stops down Victoria, Ross, and Riverside, it was all gone. I’ll definitely do it again soon.


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