While I normally don’t care a great deal about presentation for weeknight meals, occasionally getting a beautiful plate is a beautiful treat.  In my most recent CSA delivery, I was given Continue reading


Garden Inspo

IMG_6241My haul at the last garden swap was impressive.  One of the benefits of being the host is that you get all the left overs.  Let me tell you, I have herbs & kale for days.  In addition to that, I got red cabbage, Continue reading

Life… and a (big) bowl of cherries

There’s a grocery store at the end of my street.  Quite convenient.  It’s a Hispanic centric market, and the produce is great.  But there is something extra special at this store…  Each year, I look forward to one event, and one event only.  Continue reading



No, it’s not Christmas. It’s a milestone.  Continue reading


Sunday Surprise!

What’s silky, creamy, sweet and tart?  An avocado, of course! Continue reading



IMG_6226Garden Swap #27 was held at Chez Martinez on a hot & balmy Sunday afternoon.  Thankfully, the theme was Summer’s Sundaes Sunday.  BYOB(beverages). BYOIC(ice cream).  BYOT(toppings).  And, boy, did Floral Park bring it!  Continue reading


My neighbors’ sprouts

img_6295A visit to my neighbor’s garden left me amazed by tall stalks of brussel sprouts, with little nuggets of goodness nestled between large leaves. They invited me to take some home, and that was an offer I couldn’t resist. I popped off a handful of the little gems and set off to find the perfect use. What goes better with sprouts than Continue reading


Onward and Upward (and downward… and upward, again)

Who’s idea was this anyways?… Oh yeah, mine.  That was what I was mumbling after 2 miles of slogging uphill non-stop.  5 more to go… Continue reading


Taking Risks 

IMG_6132As I mentioned in a prior post, my mother in law and I trade off on making meals while camping… oops, did it again… glamping, that is. It greatly cuts down on the cooking effort. But here’s the thing, you have to find food that everyone will enjoy.

This year I decided to take a bit of a risk. Continue reading


Glamper’s Delight

img_6177We have a tradition when camping… oops, I mean glamping.  My mother in law and I trade off on making meals each night (cuts down on the effort and dishes) and each of us makes one breakfast.  Typically I will make soyrizo and eggs, however on this trip there was no soyrizo at the grocery store (horror!) and I was too busy to go to another store just for that. So Continue reading