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How to be Neighborly


IMG_1461The Creative Community: Be prepared to share the history of your home. When was it built? What style is it? How many people have lived there? What’s original, what’s not? You must tell this story to everyone who enters your home.

Welcome Home: Get used to your neighbors seeing you in your PJ’s. It will happen a lot.


I see you…: If people stare, just smile and wave.

Martini Night: Being neighborly opens new doors.

Blurred Lines: Each home has a family and each family is unique. Honor that.

Painting Poles: You have to get a little dirty for some good clean fun.


The Breakfast Club: Nothing beats a good mimosa.

Other People’s Houses: Mi casa su casa

The Well Stocked Pantry: Always be prepared for an impromptu get together.

The Crust Off: We are all winners. Eat well.


The Other Bidder: Home is where you hang your banner.


Love. Thy Neighbor: Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.

The Driveway: We all get by with a little help from our friends.



Brazilian Hospitality: Share your stories and recipes.

The Importance of Flowers: Greet your visitors with a flower and a smile.

The Contributing Community: The neighborhood that works together, stays together.

The First Mixer: Always make a good first impression.



Pomegranates: When life gives you pomegranates… share them.

Art Walk: Engage with the local culture. You will become part of it, and it will become part of you. Experiment. Socialize. Learn.

IMG_1752Meet the Maker: The best wines are the ones we drink with friends.

Supper Club: Put your eggs in your neighbor’s basket.

The Proper Care & Feeding of Trees: Vote for Pedro.  Tell neighbors about people that do good work, for a reasonable price.

Hipcooks: Support the local flavor.

How does your garden grow?: When life gives you (enter harvest here), trade them.

Noche de Altares (Night of the Altars): Remember those who made a difference in the community.IMG_1794

Eating Local: Eat Locally.

A Delightful Evening: A friend is someone that knows all about you and still loves you.

Book Club: Share. Pass it on.

Living History: Share your history.  Evolve together.

On Puff Pastry:  Understand that Puff Pastry is communal property.

IMG_1908Dude, you have to try this: When your neighbor brings you a beer, make a float.

Muffins & Mimosas: Add some sparkle to your weekend. Share a mimosa.

The Neighborhood Husband: Share your talents, and occasionally your husband.

May 4th: The force is strong in this neighborhood. It binds us together.

Just PeachyShare your peaches before the squirrels do it for you.

Spreading the love… of curd: Let your neighbors in on the secret hole in the wall finds!


Under Pressure: Preserve the past, preserve the present. Enjoy it tomorrow.

Irreplaceable: Live your life with passion, and share that passion with others.

It ain’t easy being green: When in doubt, make soup.

The Tap Room:  When in the Tap Room… Dance.

Traditions of Spring: Mi Casa, Su Casa. Honor traditions which share, not divide.

Habito:  Mi palapa,su palapa


Happy Hours: Make any hour, happy hour!

Rays of Flight: Memories are made of rays of light shining upon rays of flight.

Sobras:  Waste not, want not.

Gardenia’s: Give gardenia’s a chance.

Pimp My Ride: Fill thine neighbor’s cupholder.

Show of Anticipation: Be patient.

Oh, Kale: Nurture nature

Vegetables of unusual size: Share life’s bounty.


The end of the world:  Indulge Together.

PRIDE & prejudice: Eliminate Ignorance. Celebrate Diversity. Support Liberty. Generate Happiness.

The Courtyard: Experiment together.

Pushing & Shoving: Give your neighbor a push in the right direction.

Giving Thanks: Give thanks. Get thanks.

The CSA Challenge: Support the cause!


Obsessions: Spread healthiness.

My Neighbors’ Cupboard: Mi cupboard, su cupboard.

Obsessions: Share your obsessions.

Share the Wealth: Share the wealth (of life).

Adjusting my sails: Stay true to you.

Bocce Ball: You can always learn a thing or two from your neighbors… and their family.

Beer Nuts: It’s OK to be a little nuts.


Village People: Be silly together.

Pizza Night: Give Sprouts a chance.

Plantation Inspiration: Mix & mingle.

Sweet & Salty: A little salt can make things ever so sweet.

The First Halloween: On Halloween, keep the lights on.

Something wicked this way comes: Freak out

fullsizerender2Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s Brewery: Tap into your neighbor’s keg.

We the People: Support democracy. VOTE.

The Dilemma: Embrace the inner gardener… in your neighbor.

Light it up: If you share your spirit with your neighbors, they will rejoice in it.

The Joy of Holiday Lights: Sometimes, you must rise to the occasion.

Bernard: If you can, thank the musicians for their contribution to your experience with a small donation. If you can’t, at a minimum, thank them for their music.  Free or not, it’s priceless….

BYOIC: Be Sweet.

Life… and a (big) bowl of cherries: When life gives you cherries… smash them.