A colorful bite

Every once in a while, I’m faced with a culinary challenge:

  1. It was hot, and we were all going to be in the pool
  2. We were in need of a snack to hold us over to the BBQ
  3. There was a pescatarian in the pool
  4. Our actual meal was to be rather filling
  5. I was trying (unsuccessfully, I might add) not to eat carbs, and the pescatarian was successfully not eating carbs.
  6. I had some beets from the garden swap in need of a recipe.

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Stone Fruit

Summer’s glorious gift to each of us is juicy stone fruit.  Peaches, nectarines, plums, etc.  There isn’t a farm stand around that isn’t full of these colorful and juicy treasures.  When summer gives you stone fruit, you MUST use them, and sometimes their abundance can become overwhelming.  My solution is Continue reading