mojo cubano

One of our very best friends is Cuban.  Her Texan turned Californian husband occasionally transports her to the homeland at dinner time.  Fortunate for us, we get to come along for the ride.  Our last trip to “Cuba” Continue reading



At each neighborly garden swap, the attendees bring three things:

  1. A swap item to share, generally homegrown, but many homemade goodies arrive as well.
  2. A drink to share
  3. A snack to share

Here is the magic of the swap. Not only Continue reading


“Casa E” Stories & Soup

casaeA few weeks ago, the Floral Park Garden Swap groupies descended upon “Casa E.”  The theme of the night was soup & stories.  Tanya & Greg were our gracious hosts.  They purchased their lovely home in April of 2016, after it was restored by the prior owner.  Tanya & Greg, however, have turned this home into a masterpiece with period and style appropriate furnishings.

As with any old home, this house comes with some stories of its own.  Continue reading


Sharable Moments: February 2017

February came and went like the short month it is.  While I’m still in busy season, but I managed to step away from the computer for some important milestones! Here’s what kept me busy this month: Continue reading