When in NYC…. do as Southerners do? Yes. Please do.

Alex and I went to Butter Midtown before heading to see The Book of Mormon on Broadway in April.  This is Iron Chef and Food Network Star, Alex Guarnaschelli’s restaurant.  You’d really never even see it if you didn’t know it was there… underground, small unassuming sign.  But inside I had another life changing moment.  So please, should you find yourself in NYC, find this restaurant. Continue reading



Friday evening in NYC, Alex and I ventured out to Eataly for a progressive dinner. We began, as most dinners do (should?), with a stop at the bar. Upon arriving, a man with an instrument case was just leaving and we quickly took advantage of his open seat, and the one next to him. After taking his chair, I noticed he was still finishing his water. We looked at him sheepishly, apologized for taking the seat, and asked if he was still using it. He said no… he was just finishing his water. We thanked him.

Alex looked down at the closed instrument case at his feet and asked him Continue reading

Whiskey Fix

For any of you who have ever travelled to the Caribbean, you will have seen these rum cakes made by the Tortuga Rum Cake Company.  You can even visit their store in Nassau and do a little taste testing.  The first time I tried them, I knew instantly I had tried this cake before.  Continue reading


Changes in attitude…

IMG_5131I took off for a weekend last month…

On the wall of our trailer, we have the GPS coordinates to two special places.  One is a beach Continue reading


Raindrops on Roses… & Cooking Spray

Every once in a while I run across something that is the perfect version of itself.  These are my favorite things, and I’d like to share them with you.  This week’s edition:  Continue reading



I’ve lost count of how many garden swaps we have had.  Over 20, now.  Each one better than the last.  This most recent one, hosted by George & Sherri was one of the most bountiful yet.  So many beautiful Continue reading


My Secret Weapon

My secret weapon only has 4 ingredients (which I always have on hand), can be both sweet or savory, takes minutes to make, and always makes a huge impression.  What is it? Continue reading



Do you ever wander through the grocery store in search of unique finds? Is the grocery store an adventure for you? Do you get excited by the idea of an ethnically diverse inventory? Call me crazy, but I do. So you can imagine my delight when Continue reading


The Estate Sale

A couple Sundays ago, Alex got a request.  A neighbor needed his help (and his truck) to pick up a bedroom set from an estate sale down the street.  Both Alex and the neighbor arrived with a truck.  Yes- two trucks- for one bedroom set.  Which may have seemed like overkill, however, Continue reading


Superbloom Surprise!

Negative: We spent all winter dredging through squishy, muddy grass.  Our concrete began to grow moss, it was so wet.

Positive: The draught is apparently over (for most of CA at least), and we have a SUPERBLOOM! Continue reading