About 2 blocks from @FPSouthoftheBorder, on a Cabo back street, there is a hole in the wall of a taco shop. They do have other items on the menu, which are actually quite good, but when you have the opportunity to have their tacos, DO NOT pass it up. You will need nothing else. I could each here each day for each of my 7 days vacationing in Cabo. Continue reading


Pimp My Ride

IMG_1647Alex’s dad loves restoring old bikes, so both he and I have the most amazing beach cruisers. His is cobalt blue with original Schwinn decals, tank, and white wall tires on shiny chrome wheels. Mine is lavender, with soft green accents, brown leather seat and grips, and a French basket on the handle bars. They are beautiful, and fun. The same could not be said about Alisha’s old black and red Huffy. It was dingy, dirty and deflated. Given that Alex had inherited some of his dad’s skills, Continue reading


IMG_2110I love good eggs benedict, but Canadian Bacon is hard to come by in Mexico. The last morning @FPSouthoftheBorder, we brought out all our leftover food, which included English muffins, soyrizo, salsa verde, and other accoutrements. From the sobras (leftovers) I constructed a delightful little ode to my favorite breakfast.  Allow me to introduce you to Continue reading

Rays of Flight

At the entrance to Cabo San Lucas’s port is a stunning resort, the Hacienda, that sits up on the hill overlooking Land’s End and the port. Layered infinity pools stretch out, making it hard to distinguish the sea from the land. And above this, is a beautiful restaurant with one of the best views in town, and wonderful food. On this magical night, we were enjoying the view, and we saw something truly spectacular. Continue reading

Happy Hours

IMG_2132@FPSouthoftheBorder, vendors stroll back and forth across the beach selling all kinds of wares. Alex’s favorite is the mango man. Perfectly ripe mangos, peeled, spritzed with lime, salted, and peppered to order. It’s perfection in its simplicity. It’s hard to find perfectly ripe mangos at the grocery store, and if you don’t want to wait for the perfect moment of ripeness, I have a secret for you: Continue reading

The Tap Room

We have a beautiful home, but one thing, and one thing only, happens when our friends come over. We leave the beautiful house, all head to the back yard, and eventually end up in the “Tap Room.” This is a huge garage space that was constructed 2 owners ago as a car workshop. The last owners had an art/photography studio in there. We’ve turned it into a play space and workshop for Alex.

IMG_0914My husband is a home brewer, so one year I bought him a kegerator for Christmas (#WifeoftheYear). Now, he always has some home brew on tap, and we’ve created a pretty comfortable space for us and our friends. This is the place where you can grab a beer, kick your feet up, listen to music, play darts, and dance. (That’s usually the order of all our parties in the Tap Room, by the way.)

How to be Neighborly: When in the Tap Room… Dance.

What goes with beer? Continue reading