It ain’t easy being green…

What is it about vegetables that makes people dislike them so much?  Particularly green vegetables.  A friend of mine tells me it’s the texture.  Another says the flavor.  Others say the smell.  I’ll never understand.  Cooked right, the veggies can outshine any entrée, and, at the very least, complement it.  There is one way I’ve found my veggie phobic friends will reluctantly eat their greens… Continue reading


Mom’s Day

IMG_2020This Mother’s Day, Alex and I hosted brunch for my mom, his mom, and the rest of our family.  Having just completed my night of canning with Ashley, I had some left over cherries in need of a recipe, so inspired by our recent Breakfast Club, I made Ashley’s Cherry Clafoutis.  Nothing says brunch like a warm, sweet, tart, creamy clafoutis.  Since moms can’t live on clafoutis alone, I also made: Continue reading

Under Pressure

IMG_1981Each year, spring arrives at the Big Saver at the end of the street with a splash.  For a few precious weeks, you can get ripe, ruby, plump, sweet, glorious cherries, for $0.99-$1.49 per lb.  Whole Foods prices would be somewhere in the neighborhood (pun intended) of $6.99 per lb.  (Go Santa Ana!)  This, my friends, is a moment you mustn’t pass up.  Grab it, and preserve it, for it will not last long.

Which brings me to last Friday evening.  Ashley and I Continue reading

May 4th

IMG_0317John & Victor are Alisha’s landlord, so we’ve gotten to know them because of her. They share a cute little duplex at the end of our street. Occasionally, you will see all three of them sitting in the front yard enjoying a glass of wine and Alisha’s veggie soup. They will wave and invite you to join them. Victor has worked in the LA garment industry for a while, and last May 4th he was working for Vans. To say he has a shoe obsession would be a gross understatement. He has a shoe closet most women would die for. I would. Unlike most homeowners, Continue reading

The Neighborhood Husband

Don’t let the title give you the wrong idea.  It was Christmas 2013. Our Christmas is mostly celebrated Christmas Eve and Christmas morning, so we were lounging and playing with our new toys. Wayne’s family was in town from Canada, eh, and they were cooking a big meal for the entire clan. There were so many people visiting, they had rented a trailer for all the young cousins to sleep in. Adults inside, kids out. They were serving a huge meal of turkey, stuffing, gravy… all the fixings. Which we really shouldn’t know anything aboot (get it?)… were it not for the plumbing.

Half way through meal prep Alex got a text from Wayne. Something about a snake? Continue reading

Sharable Moments: April 2016


April was amazingly busy, but each day brought on more inspiration. Here’s what has kept me busy & inspired this month:

  • Friday, April 1- Date Night
    • Steak for two with roasted carrots and vibrant chimichurri sauce @ Haven (AMAZING!)- I recreated the dish at home with colorful veggies from the Garden Swap.
  • Saturday, April 2- The Contributing Community
    • Pole Position Teams took to the streets to paint away! We followed it up with lunch @ 4th Street Market, and finished the day at Art Walk following dinner @ Wursthaus. #exhausted
  • Monday, April 4- FPNA Scholarship Meeting
    • Recipients were selected! Congrats to all the worthy students!
  • Tuesday, April 5- OC/CB Lean In Happy HourIMG_0072
    • Fun negotiation class with my inspirational female colleagues! Wine & cheese are always on this menu!
  • Friday, April 8- Date Night
    • Steak, BYOB wine, and carrot cake to die for @ Prime Cut. The cake inspired some muffins for the pre-home tour Muffins & Mimosas brunch!
  • Saturday, April 9- FPNA Pancake Breakfast, Instagramming and Knucklehead’s Birthday Party
    • Pancakes and coffee with my FPNA volunteers, followed by photography and fun with Mila, and an amazing Jalapeno & Cucumber Margarita @ Amorelia with the familia. You will see margarita in the future.
  • Saturday, April 10- Supper ClubIMG_1800
  • Monday, April 11- Sewing party
    • An evening of crafty costume creation with my work team in preparation for our annual bowling event. I made Ham & Cheese empanadas with my leftover empanada wrappers. Super Easy.
  • Tuesday, April 12- Client Lunch @ a Top Chef’s New Restaurant
    • OMG: Chicken cannelloni with foie gras sauce @ Vaca, Amar Santana’s new OC Hot Spot
  • Thursday, April 14- Garden Swap at our place… oh the colors!
  • Friday, April 15- Tax DayIMG_1841
    • 13th Annual Bowling Party at work, I was a, eh hem, cougar… no comment.
  • Saturday, April 16- Wine Country Weekend
    • Picnic @ Keyways, then lounging on adirondacks @ Cougar (no relation to bowling cougars)
  • Sunday, April 17- Breakfast Club 2.0Untitled
    • Assignment: Eggs, Bonus Points: Dolmas
    • Afternoon Neighborhood mixer with my puff pastry contribution.
  • Tuesday, April 19- Disneyland with my fellow Neighborly dwarves.IMG_1902
    • Happy, Bashful, Doc, Sleepy, and Grumpy headed to the Happiest Place on Earth, other than Floral Park, that is. Sneezy stayed home because he was, well, sneezy.  We never found Dopey.
  • Thursday, April 21- CEO Dinner at work
    • Dinner with “the executive” @ Fleming’$ in LA. The perfect place for someone else to pick up the tab.
  • Friday, April 22- CSUF Case Competition
    • Inspiring young accountants, one case study at a time! Congrats to the winning team!
  • Saturday, April 23 & 24- Home Tour Weekend!
    • Kick off Muffins & Mimosa brunch @ our house with the gals, followed by a lively rendition of “Happy Birthday to Alex” over a pizza sized chocolate chip cookie.
  • Monday, April 25- Alex’s Birthday!
    • Pizza & beer with family and friends @ St. Pepperonis, trivia was a bonus but we fell short of the win
  • Thursday, April 28- CFO Roundtable for work @ Capital Grille
    • Lobster and crab and steak, oh my! Another perfect place for someone else to pick up the tab.
  • Friday, April 29- Date Night @ King’s Fish House
    • Alex and I devoured a Dungeness Crab (1 each), and ended up covered in garlic butter.  Good thing it wasn’t our first date, things got a little messy.
  • Saturday, April 30- Reunion of sorts with an old friend
    • Peace, love and Chile Verde for all!

Whew! Time flies when you are having fun! Thanks for the memories!