Sharable Moments: April 2016


April was amazingly busy, but each day brought on more inspiration. Here’s what has kept me busy & inspired this month:

  • Friday, April 1- Date Night
    • Steak for two with roasted carrots and vibrant chimichurri sauce @ Haven (AMAZING!)- I recreated the dish at home with colorful veggies from the Garden Swap.
  • Saturday, April 2- The Contributing Community
    • Pole Position Teams took to the streets to paint away! We followed it up with lunch @ 4th Street Market, and finished the day at Art Walk following dinner @ Wursthaus. #exhausted
  • Monday, April 4- FPNA Scholarship Meeting
    • Recipients were selected! Congrats to all the worthy students!
  • Tuesday, April 5- OC/CB Lean In Happy HourIMG_0072
    • Fun negotiation class with my inspirational female colleagues! Wine & cheese are always on this menu!
  • Friday, April 8- Date Night
    • Steak, BYOB wine, and carrot cake to die for @ Prime Cut. The cake inspired some muffins for the pre-home tour Muffins & Mimosas brunch!
  • Saturday, April 9- FPNA Pancake Breakfast, Instagramming and Knucklehead’s Birthday Party
    • Pancakes and coffee with my FPNA volunteers, followed by photography and fun with Mila, and an amazing Jalapeno & Cucumber Margarita @ Amorelia with the familia. You will see margarita in the future.
  • Saturday, April 10- Supper ClubIMG_1800
  • Monday, April 11- Sewing party
    • An evening of crafty costume creation with my work team in preparation for our annual bowling event. I made Ham & Cheese empanadas with my leftover empanada wrappers. Super Easy.
  • Tuesday, April 12- Client Lunch @ a Top Chef’s New Restaurant
    • OMG: Chicken cannelloni with foie gras sauce @ Vaca, Amar Santana’s new OC Hot Spot
  • Thursday, April 14- Garden Swap at our place… oh the colors!
  • Friday, April 15- Tax DayIMG_1841
    • 13th Annual Bowling Party at work, I was a, eh hem, cougar… no comment.
  • Saturday, April 16- Wine Country Weekend
    • Picnic @ Keyways, then lounging on adirondacks @ Cougar (no relation to bowling cougars)
  • Sunday, April 17- Breakfast Club 2.0Untitled
    • Assignment: Eggs, Bonus Points: Dolmas
    • Afternoon Neighborhood mixer with my puff pastry contribution.
  • Tuesday, April 19- Disneyland with my fellow Neighborly dwarves.IMG_1902
    • Happy, Bashful, Doc, Sleepy, and Grumpy headed to the Happiest Place on Earth, other than Floral Park, that is. Sneezy stayed home because he was, well, sneezy.  We never found Dopey.
  • Thursday, April 21- CEO Dinner at work
    • Dinner with “the executive” @ Fleming’$ in LA. The perfect place for someone else to pick up the tab.
  • Friday, April 22- CSUF Case Competition
    • Inspiring young accountants, one case study at a time! Congrats to the winning team!
  • Saturday, April 23 & 24- Home Tour Weekend!
    • Kick off Muffins & Mimosa brunch @ our house with the gals, followed by a lively rendition of “Happy Birthday to Alex” over a pizza sized chocolate chip cookie.
  • Monday, April 25- Alex’s Birthday!
    • Pizza & beer with family and friends @ St. Pepperonis, trivia was a bonus but we fell short of the win
  • Thursday, April 28- CFO Roundtable for work @ Capital Grille
    • Lobster and crab and steak, oh my! Another perfect place for someone else to pick up the tab.
  • Friday, April 29- Date Night @ King’s Fish House
    • Alex and I devoured a Dungeness Crab (1 each), and ended up covered in garlic butter.  Good thing it wasn’t our first date, things got a little messy.
  • Saturday, April 30- Reunion of sorts with an old friend
    • Peace, love and Chile Verde for all!

Whew! Time flies when you are having fun! Thanks for the memories!



2 thoughts on “Sharable Moments: April 2016

  1. Wow – what a busy month! Not sure how you work and do all that you do for your neighborhood! You are amazing! I need to learn your secret!


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