Easy, Tiger

We use a fantastic travel company to help us plan our vacations, Gate 1.  One of the signature features of their trips is a local experience.  In the case of our trip to Peru, a “cooking” class.  I say “cooking” because we didn’t actually cook anything, but what we did make was fantastic.  Continue reading


Lost, not found

I love Peruvian food.  We have several great restaurants in Southern California, all of which offer a side of a creamy dreamy green sauce to spice up all entrees.  In 2018, we headed to Peru in search of Macchu Picchu, volcanos, llama, alpacas, ceviche, and Peruvian green sauce.  Over mountains and hills we searched, Continue reading

Lucky in Love

The first Garden Swap of 2018 took place just before St. Patrick’s Day. Therefore, neighbors were instructed to draw inspiration from the holiday and bring green food. Enter Avocado Toast (more on this later).

What we weren’t prepared for was the surprise that awaited us. Frankly, one half of our Garden Swap hosts were not prepared either… Continue reading


Could I have been inspired by my “work” trip to France?  Maybe, or was it the red tomato looking at me wondering how I would use it.  Immediately, my mind went to work.  Provencale means any dish cooked in a sauce made with tomatoes, garlic, and olive oil.  I had those such ingredients in my kitchen one random weeknight, and so Swordfish Provencale was born.  So easy and so good, this is a perfect weeknight meal. Continue reading