Changes in attitude…

IMG_5131I took off for a weekend last month…

On the wall of our trailer, we have the GPS coordinates to two special places.  One is a beach about 1 hour north of Santa Barbara.  I grew up here.  Well, for a week each summer I did.  The other is a lake near Sequoia national forest.  Alex grew up there.  Every summer of his childhood.  These are the places we remember.  These are the places we call home.  These are the places that take us out of our grown up world, and transport us back to a place of fun and laughter.

The former is where we headed mid-March. We booked a last minute reservation and ended up with a mediocre campsite, but I didn’t care.  Upon arriving, we inquired if the campsites “up top” with the view were open, figuring it was a long shot.

But, no!  There was one!  In fact it was the BEST one!  Why?  Because the person who had reserved it was unable to figure out how to park his trailer there.  Lucky us!  Alex figured out how to fit in minutes. Lucky me! With the best view town, Alex and I settled into a game of cards, a bottle of wine, and some new books.

I was hungry and went out for a bite…

After watching the sunset and dosing off with the waves crashing in the background, Saturday we headed off to wine club #4 to enjoy some fine wine & even better views.  The hills were all bright yellow from the mustard.  After, we headed back to camp and took a walk on the beach, and then headed to the grill for the World Famous Jalama Burger.  Nothing transports me quite like this burger- seems odd, but it’s true.  It is truly the best.  I tried to recreate it for this blog entry, but sadly, you must be present to experience that one.  I just could not replicate it.

2 days+sea air+wine+burger= new attitude. Childhood relived (sans wine), for the weekend at least, it was time to return to the real world.

Changes in latitude, changes in attitude, nothing remains quite the same. With all of our running and all of our cunning, if we couldn’t laugh we would all go insane.– Jimmy Buffett

How do you change your attitude/latitude?




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