Superbloom Surprise!

Negative: We spent all winter dredging through squishy, muddy grass.  Our concrete began to grow moss, it was so wet.

Positive: The draught is apparently over (for most of CA at least), and we have a SUPERBLOOM!

img_5170A “super bloom” occurs when a huge amount of desert plants bloom at one time. In CA, they say it happens about once in a decade.  Seems longer with the draught, and all.

It is one of the worst kept secrets in SoCal at the moment… Anza-Borrego State Park is in full bloom.  You’ve never seen so many looky-loo’s so stunned by flowers.  Parking lots over loaded, people climbing up hills with cameras, people parked in the middle of the road, cameras poking out the windows, all aimed at a cactus.

img_5178Alex and I were two of those looky-loo’s on April Fool’s Day.  His parents had gone out for the week to go camping and we surprised them and stayed for dinner.  Relaxing with them around camp was nice.  The main attraction, however, was the abundance of color in a terrain that typically ranges from brown to reddish brown, with an occasional pop of red from the Ocotillo.  Every hill was yellow, highlighted with pops of pink, red, purple, and green.

For those that were lucky enough to catch at glimpse, I’m sure you have some similar photos.  For those that didn’t make it, enjoy these photos… until the next Superbloom.


3 thoughts on “Superbloom Surprise!

  1. Competition!
    We did better than me
    Just kidding they look great
    I need to learn to post more than one photo but neither me neither Richard couldn’t do it , yet
    You are a such a good photographer


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