Giving Thanks

A funny thing started to happen after we moved into the neighborhood.  Little notes began appearing in our mailbox.  Like the actual mailbox- not the email box.  Remember those? Thanks for the gift.  Thanks for the help.  Thanks for attending the party. Thanks for “pimping my ride.”  Thanks for hanging out in Mexico.  Thanks for walking our dog (that one was from the dog, by the way).  Thanks for anything & everything.

How to be Neighborly: Give thanks. Get thanks.IMG_2281

I’ll admit it.  I haven’t sent a thank you card in a long time.  I’ve never been very reliable at sending them.  Which isn’t to say that I’m not thankful.  I am very thankful.  I just haven’t learned that skill yet.  My neighbors, however, have.

So to my neighbors and other thankers, thanks for the notes, thanks for saying thanks, thanks for the time you took to write them, and thanks for teaching me to be more thankful.  I shall try to live up to the example you set.




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