Dude, you have to try this

The 4th of July or the weekend right before it is a big day for our neighborhood. The neighborhood association hosts a block party called Freedom Fest, we shut down the street and bring in a band. There’s a watermelon eating contest, kettle corn, a barbeque, and one of the local realtors hosts a beer keg. Everyone gathers in their front yards with friends and family, heads to the concert, and then ends up back in their front yards after the neighborhood festivities have concluded. Our neighbors across the street, Jaime and Corey, have a cute little picnic table and umbrella in their front yard that just beckons for a block party. It’s the perfect setting for Freedom Fest. This year, Jaime & Corey were again hosting a party for their friends and we stopped by to wish them a Happy 4th of July. Alex is a home brewer, so we brought them a bottle of his brew. We are fortunate that he has a large brewing space in the back of the garage, so he always has a little something brewing (no pun intended). This one was a chocolaty stout. Very rich and malty.

After the sun set, I (as usual) was sitting on the couch in my PJ’s. I heard a rather frantic knock on the door. I had given up on hiding the PJ’s, so I went to the front door to find Jaime with Alex’s beer in one hand and a pint of ice cream in the other. Jaime excitedly asked “Is Alex here?!?!” Yes, he was. I went to get him and Jaime ran into the kitchen. When Alex entered the kitchen, Jaime said “Dude, you have to try this… do you have a cup?” Alex gave him a cup, and Jaime proceeded to scoop a big scoop of ice cream into the cup and then douse it with the homemade stout. It was, indeed, something you have to try.

How to be Neighborly: When your neighbor brings you a beer, make a float.


Beer Float

  • 1 scoop salted caramel ice cream
  • Beer (preferably a stout like Guinness, or other Malty Craft Stout)

Add ice cream to glass, cover with beer.  Enjoy!



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