A Beautiful Dish In a Beautiful Dish

IMG_1633I think I have found my kitchen soul mate, and it is India.  Everywhere we ate, we encountered copper.  Copper drink ware, copper serving pieces, copper pitchers… copper everywhere. Continue reading



There are some of our neighbors whose families live far away, and so they host a Friendsgiving. The host supplies the turkey, the attendees bring the sides. We weren’t going because we were having family over.  However, as I was preparing for my own family Thanksgiving, I saw a series of cryptic texts come across my phone. No words, just pictures. Photo instructions for the most delicious cashews that you have ever had. Very similar to the series you see below. The next thing I knew, W&M were knocking on my door Continue reading

Dinner in España

IMG_2991I opened my fridge the other day and saw a wall of bright, sunny, yellow. My CSA had arrived and it was full of yellow veggies of all shapes and sizes. Yellow tomatoes, yellow peppers, yellow squash, yellow onion, even yellow fleshed potatoes. When faced with such a monochromatic set of circumstances, don’t back away! Embrace it! I decided to make the happiest, sunniest ratatouille you’ve ever seen. I decided to serve it tapas style in my little cast iron sizzle plates. Not only was it pretty, it was even tastier than it looked. Continue reading

Heat Wave

Our house doesn’t have any air conditioning. Ironically, the Tap Room does. Therefore, when temperatures hit 119 degrees in Orange County, we left the not so comfortable home and headed to the Tap Room where it was cool. Thankfully, my aunt had given me a fryer which I quickly hooked up and used as an impromptu kitchen in the coolness of the tap room. Bonus: Continue reading

Leaving our mark

For Father’s day this year, my whole family was all together. This is unique because my stepsister just moved back from Hawaii, so my stepdad has been without his daughter on Father’s day for a good 15 years or so. I’m sure he’s delighted she’s back in town. Given 1) we live in SoCal, 2) it was blazing hot inland, and 3) my parents are fortunate enough to own a sailboat, we all headed to the docks for a little sipping and sailing. Continue reading


It was Friday. “Did you get tickets?” I pestered Dave with yet another text.  Jess, Joy, Alex and I had them already.  Dave and Carmen still did not.  Dave, in Dave fashion, responded back without any stress.  “I’m on the hunt. Nothing yet, but I’m confident we will.”   Continue reading