Pimp My Ride

IMG_1647Alex’s dad loves restoring old bikes, so both he and I have the most amazing beach cruisers. His is cobalt blue with original Schwinn decals, tank, and white wall tires on shiny chrome wheels. Mine is lavender, with soft green accents, brown leather seat and grips, and a French basket on the handle bars. They are beautiful, and fun. The same could not be said about Alisha’s old black and red Huffy. It was dingy, dirty and deflated. Given that Alex had inherited some of his dad’s skills, Continue reading



IMG_2110I love good eggs benedict, but Canadian Bacon is hard to come by in Mexico. The last morning @FPSouthoftheBorder, we brought out all our leftover food, which included English muffins, soyrizo, salsa verde, and other accoutrements. From the sobras (leftovers) I constructed a delightful little ode to my favorite breakfast.  Allow me to introduce you to Continue reading

The Tap Room

We have a beautiful home, but one thing, and one thing only, happens when our friends come over. We leave the beautiful house, all head to the back yard, and eventually end up in the “Tap Room.” This is a huge garage space that was constructed 2 owners ago as a car workshop. The last owners had an art/photography studio in there. We’ve turned it into a play space and workshop for Alex.

IMG_0914My husband is a home brewer, so one year I bought him a kegerator for Christmas (#WifeoftheYear). Now, he always has some home brew on tap, and we’ve created a pretty comfortable space for us and our friends. This is the place where you can grab a beer, kick your feet up, listen to music, play darts, and dance. (That’s usually the order of all our parties in the Tap Room, by the way.)

How to be Neighborly: When in the Tap Room… Dance.

What goes with beer? Continue reading

It ain’t easy being green…

What is it about vegetables that makes people dislike them so much?  Particularly green vegetables.  A friend of mine tells me it’s the texture.  Another says the flavor.  Others say the smell.  I’ll never understand.  Cooked right, the veggies can outshine any entrée, and, at the very least, complement it.  There is one way I’ve found my veggie phobic friends will reluctantly eat their greens… Continue reading

Mom’s Day

IMG_2020This Mother’s Day, Alex and I hosted brunch for my mom, his mom, and the rest of our family.  Having just completed my night of canning with Ashley, I had some left over cherries in need of a recipe, so inspired by our recent Breakfast Club, I made Ashley’s Cherry Clafoutis.  Nothing says brunch like a warm, sweet, tart, creamy clafoutis.  Since moms can’t live on clafoutis alone, I also made: Continue reading

Under Pressure

IMG_1981Each year, spring arrives at the Big Saver at the end of the street with a splash.  For a few precious weeks, you can get ripe, ruby, plump, sweet, glorious cherries, for $0.99-$1.49 per lb.  Whole Foods prices would be somewhere in the neighborhood (pun intended) of $6.99 per lb.  (Go Santa Ana!)  This, my friends, is a moment you mustn’t pass up.  Grab it, and preserve it, for it will not last long.

Which brings me to last Friday evening.  Ashley and I Continue reading

Muffins & Mimosas


IMG_0065Each year before the annual Home Tour, I’ve made it a tradition to host a little get together at our place before we head out for the long walk around the ‘hood. You know, build up our endurance. This year, my mom, my friend Carmen, three of my co-workers (Jackie, Kate and Mandy), and two of Jackie’s friends joined in the pre-tour festivities. Some of our neighborhood volunteers also dropped by for their morning break after working all AM.

Menu? Continue reading

Dude, you have to try this

The 4th of July or the weekend right before it is a big day for our neighborhood. The neighborhood association hosts a block party called Freedom Fest, we shut down the street and bring in a band. There’s a watermelon eating contest, kettle corn, a barbeque, and one of the local realtors hosts a beer keg. Everyone gathers in their front yards with friends and family, heads to the concert, and then ends up back in their front yards after the neighborhood festivities have concluded. Our neighbors across the street, Jaime and Corey, have a cute little picnic table and umbrella in their front yard that just beckons for a block party. It’s the perfect setting for Freedom Fest. This year, Jaime & Corey were again hosting a party for their friends and we stopped by to wish them a Happy 4th of July. Alex is a home brewer, so we brought them a bottle of his brew. We are fortunate that he has a large brewing space in the back of the garage, so he always has a little something brewing (no pun intended). This one was a chocolaty stout. Very rich and malty.

After the sun set, I (as usual) was sitting on the couch in my PJ’s. I heard a rather frantic knock on the door. Continue reading