Book Club

Seems that every neighborhood has a book club. Ours is no different. But we have something even more neighborly. We have a library. Three actually. Little Free Library,, is building a literacy friendly neighborhood, one library at a time. These cute little boxes look like bird mansions, and are filled with all kinds of well-loved books. Take a book, leave a book. It’s all free, and it’s constantly rotating. We’ve had a library on the next street over ever since we moved in, and last year, they added what I like to call the “Kiddie Kondo.” The little library add on devoted just to children’s books. Most recently, “Lilly’s Library” opened for business via a marketing splash on The conversation about books, reading, and neighborly spirit went on for a week. Who knew reading, typically an independent activity, could unite us.

How to be Neighborly: Share.  Pass it on.

Little Library

So, what kind of Book Club will you start?


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