Onward and Upward (and downward… and upward, again)

Who’s idea was this anyways?… Oh yeah, mine.  That was what I was mumbling after 2 miles of slogging uphill non-stop.  5 more to go…

Yep.  That was my one and only hike on our glamping trip to Sequoia/Kings Canyon.  Nothing glamorous about this one.  I had suggested that we take the road less traveled- a hike we had never done before.  Note to self: When it says steep, it means steep.

At about mile 2.5, we were “rewarded” with a field of lupines surrounding giant sequoias.

But onward, and upwards, and then downwards and then upwards again we went.  A flat surface was not to be found.  7 miles later, I was exhausted and in need of a House Drink… now that was a reward.  Wanna check out our journey?  Click Here.


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