Dinner in España

IMG_2991I opened my fridge the other day and saw a wall of bright, sunny, yellow. My CSA had arrived and it was full of yellow veggies of all shapes and sizes. Yellow tomatoes, yellow peppers, yellow squash, yellow onion, even yellow fleshed potatoes. When faced with such a monochromatic set of circumstances, don’t back away! Embrace it! I decided to make the happiest, sunniest ratatouille you’ve ever seen. I decided to serve it tapas style in my little cast iron sizzle plates. Not only was it pretty, it was even tastier than it looked. Continue reading


Fri-yay Night In

People are sometimes surprised to find out that I’m a bourbon girl. I’m not sure why that’s so surprising, but people seem shocked when I say I like bourbon. It all stems from family holidays together. My grandpa would make Old Fashioned cocktails for all the adults (i.e. not me). I never really even tried them until my grandpa’s memorial service, but the smell always reminded me of the holidays at my grandma & grandpa’s house. Now that I can drink them, I do enjoy them- especially with my brandied cherries.

I love a good Old Fashioned, but Continue reading