Celebrity Sightings

In July, Alex and I finally toured Boston. He’d been there before, I hadn’t. We saw so much, and we learned so much. Each sight a celebrity in its own right. We did all the touristy things:

Visited Cheers (aka The Bull & Finch Pub)

Walked the Freedom Trail

Hop-on-hop off trolley tour

Harbor Cruise

Baseball game at Fenway Park (the Red Sox lost)


Lobster Rolls


Celebrity chef restaurants (Chang, English, Sewall)

But on Sunday morning, I had a close encounter with a celebrity of the foodie kind. A woman walked into the pastry shop where we were having breakfast (Joanne Chang’s Flour Bakery). I looked at her and I whispered to Alex, “I think that’s Dana Cowin, the editor of Food & Wine magazine.” He looked at me and said, “How do you even know those things?” It’s a rare talent I have…. but I wasn’t really sure so I shrugged and we walked over to the trolley tour. Doesn’t she live in NYC, anyway?

Hours later, while waiting in the line for the boat cruise, I was flipping through my Instagram feed and I just happened to see the very same sticky bun I had for breakfast, only this one belonged to Dana Cowin, or it did earlier that AM. Ah Ha! I knew it was her. Similar to my Island Creek Oyster Bar Biscuit, this recipe is also available online, courtesy of Food Network. It’s a two day endeavor, so plan ahead if you want to make these.

Alternatively, just head over to Boston and follow the foodies to pastry HQ. You’re bound to run into a celebrity of your own, even if Dana Cowin is not in town that day.





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