Date Night

img_2839-1Almost every Friday, Alex and I go out to dinner. We call it date night, but it’s really just because I’m usually too exhausted from the week to cook. An added benefit, is that this is where I get a bunch of inspiration for my cooking. So, Friday night in Boston, we observed the weekly tradition. We had reservations at the Island Creek Oyster Bar. Every Bostonian we spoke with asked where we planned to eat, and when they heard our selection, they all responded with “Oh, good pick. That place is amazing!” (BTW: Thank you Yelp!)

img_2842So, we sat down and perused the menu, which is actually quite short. The wine and beer list is about 10 times longer. We ordered some oysters to share (super fresh), and we both ordered the short rib and lobster pasta (which was amazing). Just before the waiter left, he asked if we wanted anything else. I really didn’t… however, for some reason I asked him: “Is there anything we should be getting which we haven’t ordered?” This was his nonchalant response: Continue reading