Life… and a (big) bowl of cherries

There’s a grocery store at the end of my street.  Quite convenient.  It’s a Hispanic centric market, and the produce is great.  But there is something extra special at this store…  Each year, I look forward to one event, and one event only.  Continue reading


Plantation Inspiration

Floral Park loves our cocktail nights.  You tell my neighbors there’s going to be cocktails and they come out in droves.  Our most recent cocktail night was done in connection with our Garden Swap, and this one was themed Garden Cocktails on the Plantation.  Sue & Ashley hosted a “spirit-ed” evening in their beautiful backyard and invited our neighborly mixologists to create cocktails inspired by their own gardens. Continue reading

Under Pressure

IMG_1981Each year, spring arrives at the Big Saver at the end of the street with a splash.  For a few precious weeks, you can get ripe, ruby, plump, sweet, glorious cherries, for $0.99-$1.49 per lb.  Whole Foods prices would be somewhere in the neighborhood (pun intended) of $6.99 per lb.  (Go Santa Ana!)  This, my friends, is a moment you mustn’t pass up.  Grab it, and preserve it, for it will not last long.

Which brings me to last Friday evening.  Ashley and I Continue reading