A Neighborly Thanks…

bev erwin

Bev & Erwin (pictured with neighbor Mila, center)

In November, we give thanks.  This month, it’s only appropriate to thank Bev & Erwin. Continue reading



Friday evening in NYC, Alex and I ventured out to Eataly for a progressive dinner. We began, as most dinners do (should?), with a stop at the bar. Upon arriving, a man with an instrument case was just leaving and we quickly took advantage of his open seat, and the one next to him. After taking his chair, I noticed he was still finishing his water. We looked at him sheepishly, apologized for taking the seat, and asked if he was still using it. He said no… he was just finishing his water. We thanked him.

Alex looked down at the closed instrument case at his feet and asked him Continue reading

Mix Mix

On Saturday night, Alisha texted us and asked if we were interested in going to dinner downtown. We had all been curious about a new restaurant that offered creative cocktails and sharable plates. So we drove the mile or two down the road to Mix Mix. We each ordered a cocktail and set about passing them around the table so everyone could try them. Continue reading

The importance of a theme…

I have two holidays that I host: Halloween & Thanksgiving. Halloween is because we get loads of kids and I don’t want to let them down by going to another house. Thanksgiving was a necessity because Alex and I were tired of eating twice (once with his family, and once with mine). So, in taking on Thanksgiving, you kind of have to deliver on the food.  I prefer to do unique things each year.  Try as I may to do something other than Turkey, my family would rebel if the bird didn’t make it to the table in some form. So, in order to get my creative juices flowing, I always have a theme to guide my menu and keep things interesting. I’ve done French, Spanish, Greek, Beer, Wine, Napa… and so on. It’s usually inspired by a trip we went on during the year. I really wanted to do an Indian theme, but my curry phobic mother would not have enjoyed that. So, this year the theme is Fire. Continue reading

Plantation Inspiration

Floral Park loves our cocktail nights.  You tell my neighbors there’s going to be cocktails and they come out in droves.  Our most recent cocktail night was done in connection with our Garden Swap, and this one was themed Garden Cocktails on the Plantation.  Sue & Ashley hosted a “spirit-ed” evening in their beautiful backyard and invited our neighborly mixologists to create cocktails inspired by their own gardens. Continue reading


It was Friday. “Did you get tickets?” I pestered Dave with yet another text.  Jess, Joy, Alex and I had them already.  Dave and Carmen still did not.  Dave, in Dave fashion, responded back without any stress.  “I’m on the hunt. Nothing yet, but I’m confident we will.”   Continue reading

Under Pressure

IMG_1981Each year, spring arrives at the Big Saver at the end of the street with a splash.  For a few precious weeks, you can get ripe, ruby, plump, sweet, glorious cherries, for $0.99-$1.49 per lb.  Whole Foods prices would be somewhere in the neighborhood (pun intended) of $6.99 per lb.  (Go Santa Ana!)  This, my friends, is a moment you mustn’t pass up.  Grab it, and preserve it, for it will not last long.

Which brings me to last Friday evening.  Ashley and I Continue reading