House No. 5

When we first moved into our house, Alex attend our neighborhood association meeting. I opted to stay home. He came home and announced that he had met a neighborhood realtor who ran the home tour. “We have 2 years to make the house perfect,” he proclaimed when he got home. “Huh?” I asked, “what’s wrong with our house?” Continue reading


Living History

IMG_0068This weekend, Floral Park opened its doors and invited everyone to experience the history that we do, each and every day.  This is our proudest moment… the annual Home Tour.  It’s a chance to peek inside a handful of homes and gardens to see how they have been both preserved, and modernized, by the current caretakers. It’s also a rare chance to see how these homes have evolved over the past century, and how each caretaker puts their own unique stamp on the history of the home.

First, put yourself in the 1920’s and 1930’s when these homes were built.  News was heard over the radio and through newspapers.  World War I had just ended and the Great Depression Continue reading