Wine, Food & Friends: Part Uno/Un

On Cinco de Mayo, I had some friends over for dinner.  One half of the dinner party invitees were big wine fans.  Wait, aficionados.  Now I ❤️ Mexican food, but sometimes it can be hard to pair with wine.  So, French food would have been a better choice.  But we must honor the holiday… what to do. Continue reading



Alex’s mom makes the BEST tamales. They are made with multiple dried chiles, which are soaked overnight, ground, and then stewed with pork, wrapped in masa, and sprinkled with two secret ingredients. It takes three days to make them. Tamales are a tradition of the Christmas holiday for countless families. It’s a tradition for the families because it literally takes an army to make these tasty treats, between stewing the meat, making the masa, and spreading the masa. Continue reading