Pushing & Shoving

Our house is two stories, but we think it was originally one story. The attic we suspect was built out in the 40’s or 50’s based on the look of the tile upstairs. Upstairs is now my office loft, craft/sewing room, and the guest bedroom & bathroom. The craft/sewing room and the guest bedroom both have adorable little window seats with plenty of storage. I made custom cushions for each room to match the décor. When we saw the home during the open house, the bedroom upstairs looked to be a teenager’s with the mattress placed on the floor. I thought nothing of it.

When we moved in, we wanted to create the guest bedroom upstairs. But, all I had was a twin bed, so it stayed in there until we could afford a new set. When we finally purchased a new set for the master bedroom, the old set was sent upstairs to the guest bedroom. Up the very steep and narrow stairs went the queen bed frame, headboard, footboard, dresser, mirror, and nightstands. Easy enough. Then came time for the mattress set. First went the mattress itself. We turned it on its side, and began heading up the stairs, only to get stuck Continue reading