Eat. Sleep. Meet. Repeat.

On day 3 of my Indian adventure, we set off to our offices to meet with our Indian colleagues.   There were about 50 of us travelling together.  You can imagine the planning that took.  Upon arrival at our offices, our hosts set up a beautiful Indian welcome where they gave us a flower garland, aarti (oil lamp), and tilak (red dot).

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The World on a Plate

img_4141Ok, maybe not the world, but India for sure.  While visiting the Taj Mahal, we learned about one of the local arts which is quite prevalent at the Taj Mahal- the art of inlaid marble.  The marble is etched, and then semi-precious stones are cut and inlaid into the marble.  The whole thing is then polished for a smooth surface.  While most well known for table tops, I found a plate that I just couldn’t live without, so I brought a little piece of India home with me. Continue reading

To Agra and Back

img_0347On day 2 of my Indian adventure, we were instructed to meet at 6:30am in the hotel lobby.  They sent us on our way with a box lunch, from which I nibbled only a small portion of the pastries.  I was still too scared to attempt the sandwich with meat and fruit.  I secretly hoped someone would steal my apple and provide it to someone in need.  No such luck.  TIP: If you don’t plan to stay in the nicest hotels where food is always available, bring some granola bars and snacks from home. Continue reading

On India

img_0225For those that have been following my Instagram posts, or read my September Shareable Moments, you would have noticed that I was in India for the last week of September. My Company, which has a large office in India, was generous enough to include me in a visit by our regional leadership team. I had mixed emotions about heading so far away from home to a truly foreign location on my own. Well, on my own with 50 other work colleagues. I was scared, excited, skeptical, optimistic, and curious. When I left, my fears were calmed, and my skepticism reduced.  Overall, it was a very positive experience and I am so grateful I was able to go. Continue reading