Do you ever wander through the grocery store in search of unique finds? Is the grocery store an adventure for you? Do you get excited by the idea of an ethnically diverse inventory? Call me crazy, but I do. So you can imagine my delight when Continue reading

Good Day’s Work

Every once in a while I work from home, which are really some of my most productive days. I can really focus and get through a large volume of work. One of the things that I love to do on these days, is put some nice cheap cuts of meat on the stove to simmer and soften, so that by the time dinner time rolls around, we have a delicious dinner waiting for us. So easy and Continue reading


“Is there more rice?”

“Is there more rice?”  No matter what wonderful food accompanies steamed rice, this is precisely the question I get each and every time I serve my husband steamed white rice.  Something so simple, and yet he always wants more.  It’s enough to drive me crazy given the work that went into the other elements of dinner, but at least I know he’s enjoying his dinner.

For a recent Asian inspired dinner, Continue reading