Food & Comfort

Every once in a while you need a hug.  You need some comfort.  You need your friends to lift you up.  September was such a busy month, and it was on the heels of a really tough week at the end of August, which I shall forever call “The Dark Ages,” and then there was the whole turning 40 thing.  Frankly, I had been mentally and physically exhausted despite all the interesting things I’ve been up to.  I am so lucky to have neighbors that fill this need. Continue reading


Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s brewery

img_4330On October 29, our neighborhood hosted our third mixer of the season at Michael & Nicole’s perfectly restored 1923 craftsman charmer. Mixers are casual events where each attendee brings a small snack to share, and we all hang out in the host’s backyard. We always get some really interesting and delicious contributions. The neighborhood association provides the wine.

Now, a bit about our neighborhood. We love our wine. We go through gallons of the stuff at each mixer… curiously at this mixer, no one touched the stuff. Continue reading