On bubble balls…

weddingEleven years ago, Alex and I got married (after 13 years together… we didn’t want to rush in, you know). The wedding was beautiful, but it cleared out some space in our bank account, as weddings tend to do. One of the things we did to save money was make our own centerpieces- simple bubble ball vases filled with a single green cymbidium orchid. Simple, and yet special.

So when you buy your own centerpieces, you end up with them in storage for the rest of your life. That’s OK though, because it gives me the opportunity to decorate for parties. I LOVE decorating for parties. My friends and family know this, so I’ve now done centerpieces or donated my bubble balls for the following special occasions:

  • Alex’s parent’s 50th anniversaryIMG_2372
  • My friend’s 40th birthday
  • Our neighborhood scholarship reception (all foraged, by the way)
  • My cousin’s wedding
  • The neighborhood holiday party (twice)
  • Our neighbor’s wedding/holiday reception
  • Our neighbor’s 60th birthday
  • And more…

There’s something about fresh flowers that says CELEBRATE! FUN! PARTY! SPECIAL! Sound expensive? Hard?  It’s really not. Sometimes, one flower can carry a whole centerpiece. Everything else, I get from my (or my neighbor’s) garden.

Hint: Stay seasonal, and then it will be cheaper. Add in a few sprigs or rosemary, a small river stone, and some garden clippings and you’ve got yourself an arrangement. Easy peasy.

So, in marriage, I made a great investment. Bubble Balls. Who would have guessed….? (about the bubble balls, that is).


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