Sharable Moments: September 2016

My goodness, what a month it has been! Miles, milestones, and once in a life time moments. I was traveling 19 of the 30 days in this amazing world of ours. Here is a summary of my favorite moments:

  • fullsizerenderThursday, September 1- The Big 4-0 with my family at the Playground- where adults go to play with their food. Many thanks to my hubby Alex for organizing a wonderful night.
  • Friday, September 2- Dinner with neighbors at the Steer Inn and impromptu Wine Night at Rancho Relaxo.
  • Saturday, September 3- Alaska here we come!
    • September 5- Juneau for crab, kayaking in the rain with bald eagles, & Beer Nuts.
    • img_3207September 6- Skagway for canoeing to a freshly calved glacier with some very weird dudes.
    • September 7- Glacier Bay for cruising- Alaska sun at last!
    • September 8- Ketchikan for off road go-carting in the mud. #Dirty
  • Saturday, September 10 to 12- Seattle for arts & entertainment… and peaches.
  • Thursday, September 15- Network of Executive Women event at Hotel Maya with my favorite ladies! #inspiring
  • img_3366Friday, September 16- Garden Swap & Cocktail tasting with the best neighbors ever!
  • Saturday, September 17- Concert in the park for a little disco with my Village People!
  • Sunday, September 18- Pool party @ #otherpeople’shouses. #refreshing
  • Monday, September 19- Happiness= when you take a day off to decorate your house.
  • Wednesday, September 21- Day trip to San Jose to start a grass roots Diversity & Inclusion campaign. Who’s with me?img_3805
  • Thursday, September 22- Happy B-day to two of my favorite gals!
  • Friday, September 23- Up, up and away to !ncredible !ndia!
    • Sunday, September 25- Arrival in New Dehli, followed by a courageous tour of the city via private car. Played chicken with a Tuk Tuk or two.
    • Monday, September 26- Day trip to Agra to see the Taj Majal. Pristine beauty and peace, surrounded by a chaotic world outside the gates. Amazing Lunch over looking the Taj at the Oberoi. Dinner at famous restaurant, Bukhara, with the most amazing food.
    • img_3694Tuesday, September 27- An authentic Indian welcome from my colleagues complete with flower lei and ceremony. Dinner while enjoying Indian music and dancing.
    • Wednesday, September 28- Fly to Hyderabad, India. Dinner at “the Palace.”
    • Thursday, September 29- Meetings with my Indian colleagues. Finally, faces to names! Up, up and away to Dubai for an 8 hour layover.
  • Friday, September 30- Finally HOME! SWEET! HOME!

I cannot express to you how AMAZING the world is, and how equally WONDERFUL it is to be home. It is truly sweet.


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