If you need me…

I’ll be here.

img_4616San Francisco knows the way to my heart, and it is the Ferry Building.  I always look forward to visiting San Francisco, because I make a point to stay near the Ferry Building so I can go and shop, and eat, after work.  Bonus: I usually get some extra steps on the Fitbit on my way there!

What is it about this place that I love so much?

  1. It’s old.  It was originally built as a train and ferry station in 1898. This was how you arrived in this great city by the bay.  I may not arrive here, but I always end up here.
  2. I can shop. Appropriately located at the end of Market Street, it is now filled with unique goods and local foods that are truly one of a kind.  From artisan olive oil, to hand made clay pots, to heirloom beans, there is no shortage of treasures to be found in this market.
  3. I can eat.  There are lots of little places to grab a snack, some artisan cheese or sausage, or taste some unique wines. There are restaurants if you really want to splurge, but really, I am totally OK with a progressive series of snacks.
  4. The view. In the shadow of the bay bridge, the view is iconic day or night.

On some days there is a craft market out side, and on others a farmers market.  It really is a summation of all things that are important to me.  Fresh Food.  Great Wine.  Creative Cookery.  Kitchen Ware.  Arts & Crafts. And the Ocean.

There are lots of places like this that I have visited, but not a one I can go back to time and time again.  As the saying goes, I left my heart in San Francisco… more specifically, it’s at the Ferry Building.



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