Sharable Moments: June 2017

Compared to May, June was an absolute snooze fest. I still found time for a couple trips, though. Here’s what kept me busy this month:

  • IMG_1844Friday, June 2: Return to the OC after a positively frustrating trip to Dallas. #ifimgonnatravelforworkmakeitworthmytime. Averted thunderstorm disaster to make it back in time for a much needed hair appointment. #priorities.  Dinner @ Eat Chow DTSA. Yum!
  • Saturday, June 3: Off to SoCal Wine Country to see D&C’s new home. How we’ve missed them! #IMG_1842homegoals
  • Sunday, June 4: Off to San Fran for some Accounting Fun! Discovered a cute new town:
  • Tuesday, June 5: An errant turn leads me to the home of It’s It! The San Francisco treat. Coincidence? I think not.
  • Thursday, June 8: Insert Mic Drop Here: (_____). Four days of training is a wrap! Heading home at last (with It’s Its in tow).
  • IMG_6019Friday, June 9: Garden Swap at Amy & Tom’s. Theme: Tapas Night!
  • Sunday, June 11: Happy Birthday Mom! Mini Breakfast Club returned to Ross St. with Bloodies, Mimosa’s, Egg Soufflé, Popovers, Gourmet Bacon, Maple Sausages, Veggie Grits, and surprise pie!
  • Wednesday, June 14: Happy Birthday to Wayne!
  • Saturday, June 17: Happy Graduation to IMG_0791Reginald (Knucklehead)! Party at the homestead to celebrate his achievements! Zot! Zot! Zot!
  • Sunday, June 18: Father’s Day tradition: A day on the boat. No bridges or boats were harmed in the making of this Father’s Day.
  • Saturday: June 24: Off to Hume Lake for a week of Glamping! See you in July!

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