IMG_2208Under a palapa, nothing beats a mango margarita, but on this day, I wanted to try something new. Something not quite as sweet, but equally refreshing. Something a little healthier. (OK, I know we are talking margaritas, but I was on vacation, so don’t judge). Continue reading



It was Friday. “Did you get tickets?” I pestered Dave with yet another text.  Jess, Joy, Alex and I had them already.  Dave and Carmen still did not.  Dave, in Dave fashion, responded back without any stress.  “I’m on the hunt. Nothing yet, but I’m confident we will.”   Continue reading

Oh, Kale!

IMG_2197In late January, we created at tiny raised bed garden.  The only place that gets sufficient sun is on the south facing side of the house, next to the driveway.  Over the spring months, it produced a head of cabbage or two, but it has finally matured into a fully functional and productive space.  The tomatoes have just offered their first fruit of the season.  Juicy golden little gems.  Rare enough Continue reading