CSA Challenge: Mission Accomplished

The mission has been accomplished! The challenge? Use all the goods in my CSA basket.  The result?  (Mostly) Great food!  I’ve sliced, diced, grilled, smashed, fried, and hashed my way to victory.  Here’s the final score:

My final installment was a veggie hash and a filet mignon with fig balsamic glaze.  The hash was comprised of all the leftovers: Potatoes, some broccoli, half a green pepper, onions from my garden, and topped with green onions.  Pour what ever you have in a sauté pan with oil, salt, pepper and some herbs, and you’ve got dinner.  Well, top it with a filet and THEN you have dinner.  When in doubt: Hash.  You can’t go wrong.

Oh, you want to know the winner?  Hands down, it was the Citrus Cheesecake Tart.

Thanks for following me & my challenge!



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