Six Months In


FP Yellow cropped2On March 13, 2016, with the encouragement of my Breakfast Club, Neighborly Life was launched.  The goal?  To share Life / Recipes / Stories / Tips / History.  I’ve been surprised by the level of interest, and responses to my posts.

Thank you for your support & interest!  If you haven’t yet, I welcome you to follow me by clicking the “FOLLOW” button on the right, or bottom of this post, and entering your email.  Don’t forget to confirm your follow by responding to the automated email!

flagSo here’s the highlights of the last six months:

So, those are the reader favorites!  What are yours?

Here are my favorites:

My most amazing recipes to date (These are my MUST tries, they are SO good!):

My go to favorite easy recipes (I make these all the time!):

My favorite shared recipes (Created by others):

Favorite Stories/Memories:


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