How “The OC” Does Holidays

Newport Beach has a funny tradition of dressing up their boats with all kind of holiday lights and parading around so everyone can gawk at the yachts. I’m sure it all started in jest, showing off our nice SoCal weather and such (Rose Parade Style) as the rest of the nation is covered in a blanket of white snow.  But now, it is quite the affair.  I love it, even if it is a bit showy… This “The OC” after all.

Despite the glitz and glam surrounding us, this night had a distinctly homey feel to it… must have been the company, all of whom are our neighbors.  We were invited to join the action, center stage so to speak, at a boat which is docked in the middle of the parade route.  The boats literally circled around us as friends and neighbors chatted, toasted with wine, and snacked on the delicious buffet.  The spectacle outside was contrasted with the simplicity inside.  Chef Mila brought some lovely potato snacks (a revelation, why have I not topped potatoes with pesto or salmon before?), and our host served a delightful salmon salad with fresh vinaigrette.  What you see, is what we ate.  No recipe required. So simple, fresh and wonderful.

All in all, it was a Truely Lovely evening…  many thanks for including us.


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