Sharable Moments: December 2016

Where did December go? Honestly, I’ve never been so busy in my life. I was so busy that I was terribly deficient keeping up on the blog posts. Thank goodness for 1) Amazon, 2) Door Dash, and 3) Coffee. I suspect January may be the same. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

  • img_4701Friday, December 1-4- Napa Valley with Alex. Great food, great wine, great company. I 💛 California.
  • Monday, December 5-8- Let’s talk accounting. Four straight days of training. Man my feet hurt!  At least I get to visit the Ferry Building after work!
  • Friday, December 9- Back to my day job.
  • Saturday, December 10- Pre-party lunch and brews then FPNA Holiday Party! Horses, Santa & Snow, oh my!
  • Tuesday, December 13- Off to Phoenix to speak on accounting (again!)
  • Thursday, December 15- Up to LA for more accounting. Car broke down mid-trip. I don’t have time for this.
  • img_4761Friday, December 16- Leo at the car dealer saves the day (or at least my car)!
  • Saturday, December 17- Newport Beach Boat Parade with the neighbors!
  • Tuesday, December 20- Back up to LA in my new (old) car for more accounting!
  • Thursday, December 22- Rain, rain go AWAY!
  • Friday, December 23- Lunch at DTSA’s Crave!
  • MF9Saturday, December 24- Tamales by day, Christmas Eve dinner by night.  An & Reggie (a.k.a. our nephew Knucklehead) dropped by with our very own Mango Float.
  • Sunday, December 25- Merry Christmas (and Happy Birthday to the best pup ever).
  • Monday, December 26-30- Finally, a week off!
  • Saturday, December 31- Happy New Year! Dinner with the besties.

Happy New Year to all my loyal readers and friends!  I look forward to sharing 2017 with you!


One thought on “Sharable Moments: December 2016

  1. Nice to be young
    Enjoy when you can . I had so much energy that people was scared sometimes
    When people says enjoy your Golden Years I just wonder what they are talking about it
    Happy New Years to you and Alex
    Missed you last night
    It was great . Fun and very colorful


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