Sharable Moments: May 2017

What travels 16,000 miles, across 2 states, and 3 countries? ME! This month was action packed. Here’s what’s been keeping me aloft…

  • IMG_5488Thursday, May 4: Prepping for my Frexican Dinner party (a preview of my Mexican/French fusion adventures in May)
  • Friday, May 5: Cinco de Mayo! Time to celebrate the Battle of Puebla, but in this mix up everyone wins!
  • Sunday, May 7: Off to San Francisco! Dinner with my fellow CPA educators! One celebrated a lifetime of inspiring students!
  • Monday, May 8: Back in the OC!
  • IMG_2090Thursday, May 11: Off to Cabo! But first… a Margarita. Now, where’s my fish taco with awesome sauce.
  • Friday, May 12: Vacation mode commence. Dinner in town @ El Pollo de Oro. Mucho cheapo.
  • Saturday, May 13: Hacienda here we come! I’m about to dive into that Molcahete.
  • Sunday, May 14: Brunch with Mom & Geo at the most amazing place: Flora Farms. You MUST go!
  • IMG_5586Monday, May 15: Tostada cooking class, followed by dinner at the Italian Job. Buon Appetito! Grazie for the pesto and limoncello, Fabrizio.
  • Tuesday, May 16: Date night(?) @ the fish house.
  • Wednesday, May 17: Flying rays and dinner on the beach @ the Hacienda.
  • Thursday, May 18: Back to the OC.
  • IMG_5894Saturday, May 20: Off to Bordeaux via Paris.
  • Sunday, May 21: Exploring Bordeaux on foot!
  • Monday, May 22: La Grande Tour de Vin. Dinner at Elio’s.
  • Tuesday, May 23: Lunch atop a decanter, and dinner at Myles in Bordeaux.
  • Wednesday, May 24: Off to St. Jean De Luz, lunch on the beach, dinner at a café in Biarritz. (Yes, I did some actual work these past two days.)
  • Thursday, May 25: Back to the OC!
  • IMG_5971Friday, May 26: Happy Birthday to George! Dinner at Farmhouse in Newport Beach.
  • Saturday, May 27: Crawdad cookout!
  • Sunday, May 28: Hiking, and shopping, and eating, oh my! Dinner with my Frexican dinner party crew.
  • Monday, May 29: HOLIDAY! Gettin’ some work done after all this travelling. BBQ in the backyard for two.
  • Wednesday, May 31: Off to Dallas! I’ll see you back in the OC in June!

Is anyone else tired? Stay tuned for how this month inspired me to get back in the kitchen.



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