On a random Saturday in August, two of OC’s most enthusiastic Angel fans invited 25 of their friends and neighbors to join them for the ultimate Angels Experience.  They had won a raffle for 25 tickets.We were invited to join them for the evening baseball game, and we were told to wear red and bring a blanket (?).  Everyone complied.  We follow instructions well (well, most of us do).

img_6409What followed the game was an ultimate shock.  We were ushered into the depths of the stadium with another group of about 10 people, and down to field level.  Then, the giant gate swung opened and we were escorted onto the field.  Blankets now spread on the green, the mass of red shirts settled in for the show.  Choreographed fireworks soared from the field into the sky over head, with the red A glowing in the background.  As if that show wasn’t enough, we were then invited into the dugout for photos.  Talk about the Ultimate Angels Experience.

The Angels may have lost that night, but I can affirmatively say that we 25 won.  In the gamble we took on this neighborhood and this neighborly life, I can certainly say we are winning.  And to those two OC super fans, you two are the ultimate angels.


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