Sharable Moments: January 2017

Happy New Year! Ummm… I know this is a bit late given we are now half way through February (what??!?!).  However, this is the beginning of my busy season with work, so my social activities get cut down quite a bit. That said, I still managed to be a little social/mobile. Here’s how I spent my time:

  • Sunday, January 1- Annual de-Christmas-ing of the house. Back to normal (until Valentines Day)
  • img_4968Monday, January 2- One final day off to relish… the rain.
  • Tuesday, January 3- Off to San Francisco for three more days of teaching! I ❤ Accounting!
  • Friday, January 4- Alex flew up and off to Sonoma we went. First stop: The Fairmont Mission Inn. A 1927 beauty and Alex and I got a room with 3 of the 10 original arched windows, and the original tile floors in the bathroom. Just gorgeous!
  • Saturday, January 5- Wine tasting after a hearty breakfast! Joined another wine club 😳. Dinner at La Sallette, one of the 12 SF restaurants you must try before you die (says Facebook). Amazing! Candied Chorizo. Enough Said.
  • Sunday, January 6- More wine tasting, no more clubs, late lunch at Alex’s favorite SF bar Monk’s Kettle. Storm of the decade arrived. Cancelled flight. Drove home instead.img_4943
  • Friday, January 13- Garden Swap with Raphael, and Oatmeal Cookie Granola!
  • Sunday, January 15- Impromptu celebration of Merle’s Birthday!  Changing lives through grits, one bite at a time.  Or maybe that was the bread pudding
  • Monday, January 16- What holiday? I’m working.
  • Friday, January 20- Game night with friends! Accompanied by Alex’s Mom’s Salsa and fresh guacamole! Winning!
  • img_4948Saturday, January 21- Checking out the new DTSA restaurant Mix Mix, came back inspired by creative cocktails.
  • Saturday, January 28- Dinner with B&T, missing D&C…
  • Sunday, January 29- Beautiful day in Temecula. Wine tasting (Alisha’s first!) with friends & neighbors!

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