One of my neighbors has an unusual obsession with Bacon. I mean let’s face it, we all do on some level (or most of us do… or maybe I like to think it’s not just me and her). She owns an enormous number of bacon related T-shirts, which get displayed with regular frequency. Should you get the opportunity to scroll through her Instagram or Facebook feed, you’re likely to find 1) her dog, or 2) bacon topped burgers. Continue reading


Behavior Patterns

In July, I was lucky enough to be assigned to teach my favorite class in Boston- a city I’ve always wanted to visit, but had only flown through. I jumped on this opportunity, and invited Alex along for the weekend.

While in class, an old friend dropped by to say “hi.” Surprisingly, he also owns an old home. (Well, given that everything in Boston was apparently built in the 1700’s, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, but I was.) So a funny thing started to happen as we chatted. He had recently sold his “old” old home, and was the process of looking for a new old home. He began to tell us about everything he had done to the old home before he sold it, and of course, he began with the history of the home. It was built in the early 1700’s, and “was older than Paul Revere.” He relayed the story Continue reading

My Neighbor’s Cupboard

When I was growing up, my mom (Diane) would constantly be sending me across the street to pick up eggs, milk, sugar, etc. from the other Dianne, my best friend’s mom, when she ran out of said ingredient. Now that I live in a community that shares as much as the Dian(n)es did, we experience a lot of the same things. Here are some of the requests, we have made and others have made of us, Continue reading

CSA Challenge: Update

IMG_2601Well, the challenge continues.  To date, I’ve used:

What does one do with Cantaloupe besides eat it raw? Pair it with it’s best friend Continue reading

On bubble balls…

weddingEleven years ago, Alex and I got married (after 13 years together… we didn’t want to rush in, you know). The wedding was beautiful, but it cleared out some space in our bank account, as weddings tend to do. One of the things we did to save money was make our own centerpieces- simple bubble ball vases filled with a single green cymbidium orchid. Simple, and Continue reading

Not your average taco night

Alex and I spent the first year and a half enjoying other neighbor’s backyards. I felt like it was our turn to host. The problem was that we didn’t have enough seating for all our new friends. We already had a nice teak table, but I wanted some outdoor furniture… a sofa, chairs, coffee table, etc. So off to Costco we went to invest in a new patio set. We found just what we were looking for, Continue reading